🎉Amul 75th Anniversary!🎊
14 May, 2021


Amul 75th Anniversary!

Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get 6000 Rupee!.

Question 1 of 4 : Do you know Amul ?


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Question 3 of 4 : How do you think of Amul ?

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Question 4 of 4 : Are you male or female ?


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Sallie Hull

I like these promotions!

  2 minutes ago

Marvin Allen

I received it today. Thanks a lot!

  8 minutes ago

Casey Daniels

I thought it was a joke, but arrived this morning!

  15 minutes ago

Walter Hoffman

I participated, I won and I received after 5 days. Thank you so much guys!

  19 minutes ago

Hugo Montgomery

Can I receive today? Thank you

  21 minutes ago

Remi Peltier

I thought it was a joke, but I received my gift this morning and hope to investigate more!

  27 minutes ago

Stephane Loupe

Are there any other surveys to take?

  33 minutes ago

Tracy Schmeler

Fantastic! I have never won anything before!

  36 minutes ago

Sandy Orn

It is real,I received the gift . I told my friends about it, so they can get theirs too.

  38 minutes ago

Robert De Villiers

Amazing! I really won a gift.

  45 minutes ago